How Does Buying a New HVAC System Save You Money?

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: HVAC technology has come a long way in the last few years. A gas furnace that has been around for decades might now only be suitable for heating one room of your home, while a new ductless mini-split air conditioner or heat pump could be the perfect solution to heat and cool your entire house.

Between the hot, muggy days of summer and the chilly, wintery nights, your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system is a crucial part of your home. If your HVAC is old and inefficient, your home won’t get the cooling or heating assistance it needs to keep you and your family comfortable. Not only that, but an inefficient system can cost you more money in the long run since you are paying for more energy than you need to. That’s why we gathered here the ways to help you save money by buying a new HVAC.

Installation Costs will help you to save money 

Replacement of an old or outdated HVAC system with a new one can save you plenty of money over the life of the system. But what type of HVAC system should you buy? According to the Department of Energy, you can save anywhere from 7% to 20% in energy costs by installing a high-efficiency HVAC system. However, not all HVAC systems are created equal. While all HVAC systems help regulate temperature, efficiency depends on such factors as the type of furnace, the type of duct system, and the type of insulation.

Lower Energy Bills

Purchasing a new HVAC system can seem like a big investment, but it can save you money in the long run. According to Energy Star, heating and cooling are the most expensive household expenses, accounting for about 31 percent of an average homeowner’s energy bill. Installing a new high-efficiency furnace or air conditioner can save you a considerable amount of total energy consumption, which equals a lot of savings over time. 

Reduces HVAC Repair costs

Replacing your HVAC system will be an important decision since it will affect your family’s comfort for years to come. HVAC systems are tools, like lawnmowers and shovels, that wear out over time and need to be replaced. But while replacing your old HVAC system with a new and more efficient one may not necessarily save you money in the short run, it can help save you money in the long run. Having an old HVAC system means constant tune-ups and repairs, which can be greatly reduced if there’s a new system in place.

Energy Rebate Opportunities

If you’re in need of a new HVAC system, it’s probably a good time to consider replacing it. According to an Energy Star report, replacing an inefficient system can result in a 12% annual savings on energy costs. Furthermore, the Department of Energy (DOE) notes a 30% to 60% reduction in carbon emissions with the installation of a new HVAC unit. Replacing an old unit with a new, energy-efficient model will help you meet your 2016 energy reduction goals.

Choosing the Right Size HVAC System

You should make sure that you make the right choice of HVAC so you get your money’s worth. While size matters, it’s important to recognize that it’s not the only factor that dictates how much a new HVAC system will cost. The other factors include brand, efficiency, features, and installation. 

A well-maintained HVAC system is a valuable asset. It increases the value of your home and saves you money. But with your system running well, your home becomes more energy-efficient, and your utility bills go down.

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