How to Choose Wall Art for Our Space

Without artwork, our spaces have never been truly complete, be it home or workplace. With the right kind of wall art and light pieces (such as neon light fixtures from the likes of sites similar to Neon Mama), we can breathe some life into an otherwise dull space, giving it a completely exquisite look. A carefully chosen collection of wall art will make your space like it is truly ours. But we don’t have to be interior design experts to choose the right wall art for our spaces.

What to Consider

There are many factors to consider in choosing our wall art.

Size of wall art

We must be specific when it comes to wall art size. I know many of us prefer starting with big pieces and scale down depending on the size of the space we are decorating. We can either choose from oversized, large, medium, or small sizes. There are many online shops that can customise art prints for our home. Pictures that we want on our walls can be printed out in canvas form, small or big. Buy affordable personalised canvas prints uk, and put them up on the living room walls! While small sized wall art pieces look great when they are displayed in groups or pairs, oversized pieces may not require to be in groups. I have been to many offices where there is a single giant wall art piece, and it always looks great.


Some of us tend to build our homes around a particular theme. This is something we may want to factor into choosing wall art. My home, for instance, is built around a beach theme, and that is why you will find sea life wall art ruling supreme in most spaces, right from the living room to the bedroom and elsewhere. I must say that decorating a home that already has a theme is no difficult task at all. While I preferred the beach theme, you could opt for a superhero or even an anime theme, especially if you or your family members are fans of these. Also, it would be a kind of amusement for the young ones in your house. For doing that, however, all you might need to do is visit the art store, scan through the pieces, and choose the superhero or Anime tapestry along with materials that complement it to create your own personalized theme decor.

Color palettes

Those of us who know a thing about décor are split on this one. There is a group which claims that wall art should match with the color palettes of our space, and there are those people who believe that it doesn’t have to be that way. I belong to the former group. There are certainly advantages to using wall art that complements our color schemes. For example, using wall art pieces with background colors that match the color of our walls will undoubtedly improve the appearance of our homes. I’ve also been told that combining neutral white and black colors is never a bad idea. However, many people look for colorful art to hang in their living or kids’ rooms to make it look more lively. In case you want to explore preppy wall art, you may visit websites like Arcadian Home Decor.

Piece of inspiration

Just like color palettes can affect our choice of wall art, a piece of inspiration can have the same influence. These pieces can be anything such as a doormat or a table you like. With a piece of inspiration in mind, we can apply quite a number of tips. First, we can rarely go wrong with our instincts. If I love this or that, then that is what I will have in my room. We should also not use too many colors in our space. Narrowing our choices down to utmost four colors can be a good idea. Last but not least, the wall art we select should be in line with the color palettes of our space. This way, we can have a combination of solids, geometrics, or even patterns.


There are many wall art styles to choose from, including Bohemian, bold, bright, and antique styles. The choice of wall art style boils down to our tastes. In choosing our wall art style, we need to keep the following in mind:

  • The style of our space, including the furniture and other articles
  • The theme and color palettes of the space
  • A combination of different materials will look great. This may include wood and metal

Type of space

Different types of space may need different types of wall art. For instance, a great wall art piece in the living room may not be ideal in the bedroom. Wall art in the living room, for instance, should reflect our personal style and look presentable, while at the same time, making everyone feel at home as this is a communal space. Every piece must look excellent in its position, and the size and color must be right. Talking of the bedroom, this is a private room, which is not accessible to everyone. It is a place of retreat and relaxation, in addition to privacy. Thus, our choice of wall art should communicate such. Other spaces to consider include the kitchen and the dining room. If you come to my dining room, the wall art there revolves around food. I did that purposefully with an intention of sparking appetite.

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